Shopper Access: Access Codes and Landing Page Messages

Access Code Only patrons who have the code can buy tickets

Click on the Shopper access link in the Administration panel of the dashboard to get to the Shopper access code and landing message page. Enter an access code (or clear field to remove an existing one). Shoppers will be asked to enter this code before they can proceed. You can use any characters you want, but only the letters and numbers are compared, and case is ignored.

Landing Page Message Seen by all users before they can start shopping

You have the option of entering a landing page message (or clear field to remove an existing message). If you provide text here, it will be displayed to shoppers before they can actually start shopping for tickets. (You can use markdown syntax in this message; if that doesn't mean anything to you, don't worry about it.)

A common use of an access code is to let cast members buy tickets before opening general online sales.

Here is a sample message:

General sales are not yet open. Cast members can type the code they have been given into the field on this page to purchase tickets.