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Allocating Seat Inventory Between Box Office and Webstore, and Selling from the Box Office (for Reserved Seating)

To use the seat manager, go to our home page, and find the two login fields at the upper right. Type your account name in the account field, and your (case sensitive) password in the password field, and then click on the Login button. Click on the Manage Seats tab of the Account Home page you got to.

The Seat Manager lets you determine which seats the webstore may sell, and also lets you make and accept payment for reservations yourself in the box office. If the payment is cash or check, we do NOT charge our normal per-ticket fee, and of course the bank's credit card processing fees do not apply. If you accept a credit card for payment, however, the fees are the same as if the tickets were purchased online.

Advanced (or ambitious) users: Click here to see the crib sheet on how to swap seats (Reserved Seating only).

Selecting Seats:

Everthing in the seat manager works by selecting seats and applying an action to the selected seats.There are 3 ways to select seats, and four common gotchas.

  1. The first gotcha is that drag-select is not supported (see below for how to select a rectangle of seats, or a large portion of a row.
  2. The second gotcha is that seats remain selected after an action is applied,to make it easier to, say, put a hold on the same set of seats for several performances. So when you're done with the selected seats, click on the Clear selection link before moving on. To help you know where you are, the number of selected seats is shown at the bottom of the seat manager.
  3. The third gotcha is that in almost every case, if you select seats of different statuses, you can't do anything. For example, if you select seats that are allocated for online sale along with seats that are held at the box office, there is no action that can be taken. And for now, if you select seats in different sections, you can't add them to the basket together. The way around that is to add the seats to the basket, one section at a time, and then check out when you have everything in the basket that you wanted.

To select a single seat, click on it, and a black border will appear. To clear the selection on a single seat, click again.

You can select rectangles of seats by clicking on one corner, and then holding down the shift key and clicking on the opposite corner (and unselect by clicking on the 'Clear selection' link at right).

You can select all the seats with a specific status in a particular section by clicking in the associated rectangle in the summary area below the seat chart. This makes it possible to allocate all the premium seats to the box office while leaving the regular seats on sale online, assuming you have sections of that sort.

Seat Status:

There are 6 kinds of seats:

  1. Unavailable: seats you can't sell, and the webstore is not selling (e.g., seat removed for this production).
  2. Sold online: seats the webstore has sold, whose status you can't change.
  3. Available online: seats available to the webstore for sale online. You can release those back to the box office so that you can sell them.
  4. Available at box office: seats the box office controls. You can sell them or hold them for patrons, or you can allocate them back to the webstore for sale online.
  5. Held at box office: seats you're holding for patrons. You can cancel the hold, if you see fit.
  6. Sold from box office: seats you've sold. You can cancel the reservation, if the payment was via cash or check. If you used our credit card service, the reservation can not be canceled.

To change the allocation of seats from webstore to box office, or vice versa: Select the seats you want to change by clicking on them (unselect by clicking again). Once some seats are selected, links representing possible changes appear on the right. Click on the one you want. A red "Updating seat information ..." message will appear at the upper left, and then the seats will change color to reflect the change.

To sell seats at the box office: Select the seats you want to change (they must be allocated to the box office, and all in the same section) and click on the purple Sell seats (add to basket) link at right. Then click on the Checkout button and check out, just as online purchasers do. The difference is that you can choose the mode of payment (cash, check, credit card), and for cash and check payments, the rest of the information is optional.

To sell seats from multiple sections (e.g, Accessible together with a regular seat for a companion): Add the seats from each section to the basket in turn. The basket will then have multiple entries, but you can check all of them out as a single order.

To hold seats at the box office, with or without a name (e.g., 'Tom Smith', 'Hold for late seating'): Select the seats you want to change (they must be allocated to the box office) and click on the dark blue Hold at box office link at right. If you want to associate a name with the hold, type it in the text field near the bottom of the page, and click on the Hold seats link to the right of the text box.

To cancel a cash or check reservation made at the box office: Select any one of the seats in the reservation. Then click on the light blue Cancel reservation link that appears at right. There is no way to cancel just some of the seats in a reservation.

To cancel a reservation paid for by credit card: Email support@seatyourself.biz. Please include full and redundant information, especially including the authorization code, which you can get from the receipt copy or the Reservations Report.