Changing Ticket Prices

To manage ticket prices, click on the Ticket prices link in the Management panel of the Dashboard.

The Ticket Prices tab allows you to set the pricing for an entire production, and also to set different prices for specific performances.

Prices are presented in tabular form for editing, with the seat types arrayed across the top, and the ticket types listed down the second column.

Types of Ticket Price Availability

The Availability column of the ticket price table contains a dropdown that lets managers choose who will be able to see and use the price in that line. There are three ordinary types of ticket prices:

Price Codes Advanced

There are two additional types of ticket price availability, types with a specific Code, and types whose availability is set to No code. Coded prices can be used in conjuction with a price code given out selectively to allow only selected shoppers to purchase at a preferential price or in a restricted section.

To set a price code:

  1. Click on the Shopper access link in the Management panel of the dashboard.
  2. Type a code (e.g. cast25) in the Price codes field. Codes are case insensitive. Multiple codes can be set if separated by spaces, but shoppers can only use one per shopping session.
  3. Use the Ticket prices tab to add a price with a name and price of your choosing, for the seat types it can be used for.
  4. Use the dropdown in the Availability column of the line to choose a type of availability. The dropdown has three standard entries, plus at least two more if at least one code has been entered on the Shopper access page, as follows:
    • --Remove--: Select the top entry to remove a ticket type.
    • Public: Select this entry to make the price available to regular online shoppers.
    • Comp: Select this entry to use a comp price. Comp prices leave the name column empty. Make sure to add a zero in the column for every seat type for which you want to be able to sell comps from the Manage seats tab. Remember that comps are never available to regular online shoppers.
    • Office only: Select this entry to make the price available only to manager using the Manage Seats tab. This is the only line other than the comp line for which a price entry can be zero.
    • Code [name of code]: Select this entry to make the price available only to shoppers who have entered [name of code] before they begin shopping, via the landing page.
    • No code: Select this entry to make the price available to online shoppers who did not enter a code when they began shopping.
  5. Submit the update.
Purchasers who type cast25 (or CAST25) in the Optional price code field of the landing page at the outset of shopping will see the otherwise hidden prices associated with the code they typed.

Click here to see how to set an account-wide access code not tied to a specific price.

Important Notes: