Click on the Disbursements link in the Administration panel of the dashboard to get to the Disbursements page.

Disbursement history

The upper section of the page is a list of past disbursements. There are three possible statuses for these disbursements:

Add new disbursement request

The lower section contains a list of past events for which a disbursement has not been made, along with details about how the payment will be calculated. Checkboxes appear in the left margin of events for which a disbursement has not yet been requested.

If you have undisbursed events from earlier than the From date above the list of events, change that date via the date chooser above the list of events.

To request disbursement for a set of events, click the boxes in their left margins, pick a payee from the dropdown below the list of events, and click the Request disbursement button.

If you don't see the payment method you want, click the Payees link to the right to manage those methods.

Estimate future disbursements via the Sales by event page.

Use the Sales summaries by event report, which is similar to this one, to see information about future events. Click the +sales button at the top left of the Disbursements page, or the +sales button in the Reports panel of the dashboard, to get to it. Click here for information about that page.