Adding and Changing Productions and Performances

To add productions and performances, and to change the dates and times of existing performances that contain no reservations, click on the Schedule link in the Management panel of the Dashboard. To change the date or time of a peformance that does contain reservations, email us at

If you want to use a seating configuration or venue address you've used in the past and aren't sure which one, click the +seats Venues and seating charts link in the Reports Panel on the dashboard to see what you've used in the past year. If you want to use a configuration you haven't used for over a year, email us at for help.

New performances are created with all seats allocated to the webstore, but with their Allow Sales setting turned off. So NONE of the new performances are available for online purchase. That way, you can fix any errors before anyone can buy seats. To allow online sales, click on the Per-Show Settings link in the Management panel of the Dashboard. Then check the Allow sales box for that production, and submit the update.

What if an error was made in adding a production, or if the process didn't seem to work?

Here's how to get rid of a production with errors in it:

  1. Before trying again, change the name of the production you're cancelling. You do this via the Production Name field on the Per-Show Settings tab. Otherwise, you'll have two productions with the same name, and it will be impossible to tell which one you're, say, adjusting prices for. I usually add NOT before the name.
  2. Go back to the Schedule tab and cancel the performances that show up for the production you're getting rid of.
  3. Now you can add the production again.