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Changing the Logo

To change the logo or other graphic that shows at the upper right of the webstore, go to our home page, and find the two login fields at the upper right. Type your account name in the account field, and your (case sensitive) password in the password field, and then click on the Login button. Click on the Settings, Ticket Prices, and Schedules link near the top of the dashboard, and then click on the Webstore Settings tab.

The Webstore Settings tab allows you to change a variety of webstore settings. The one to change to see a different graphic is the Link to small image: field. Its contents are the web address (URL) of a graphic file available almost anywhere on the internet, but typically somewhere on your own site. We can usually find a file like that on your site when we set up the webstore; if we did, you can use what's already in the field as a model.

The file you use should be roughly square shaped. Wide rectangular graphics will hide the contact information that shows immediately to its left. Types of files that will work include: .jpg, .bmp, .pnr. If you're in doubt, try it, but keep a copy of what was already there.

It's important to use the full web address of the file you want. That address will start with http://. The best way to avoid errors is to copy the address from the address bar of your browser, and then paste it into the field.

After you've changed the values, click in another field to register the change, and then click on the Submit updates button to have the change take effect, or click on the Revert to saved values button to cancel the changes.

The logo doesn't normally show in the manager pages. To see what it looks like, either have a different browser running the regular purchaser version of your webstore, or click on the red logout link at upper right.